NUMBER 0676.408.219
publication Belgium Statute 09.07.2017

Registered office:
Hambosstraat 55 – 3018 WIJGMAAL (LEUVEN)
BE45 1043 9222 3789


The aim of the association is to set up small-scale projects in Senegal in the fields of education, health care, horticulture and general welfare, always with full respect for the own orientation and socio-cultural backgrounds of the local communities and in function of the priorities which the latter present. The association may engage in all activities that contribute to the achievement of these objectives, including ancillary gainful activities within the limits of what is permitted by law and the proceeds of which will be fully allocated to the achievement of the unprofitable objectives.



Income rose to €40,685. In the first place, account should be taken of the affiliation with the V.Z.W. of the members of the A.S.B.L. Sénégalité, who collected €9855 for the godmother/godparent programme. Not only was 2020 a disaster year due to the Coovid virus, but the Warmest Week also disappeared as a source of income. This new approach was a real loss for most associations with “Charity Causes”. Fortunately, our departments did better than last year (11000 € against 10000 €) and various promotions (canacla – CD – End-of-year gift) raised an additional €2310. We received subsidies (€13674) from: Lions Club Kasteel van Gaasbeek, Zuidwerking Rumst, Christelijke Mutualiteit Limburg, Warmste Week 2019, King Baudouin Foundation- 4de Pillar, PIDRA

Expenses for completed projects


More than 50% of the revenue (outside the meter/peter program) went to our local communities as direct aid. Years ago we had already recognized the usefulness of the canacla, whereby only 10% of the normal amount of water is consumed for hand washing (0.3 l versus 3l). More than 140 canaclas (5237€) were placed with our acquaintances, in various schools, medical posts, in the “houses” of the talibés, in our villages. We are the largest customer of this product (Belgian invention!) in Senegal (hopefully followed by others) and wish to keep this further on our program for the future. For the schools we urgently needed disinfection products (300€) and also face masks were not to be missed. Thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Ndeye Patience Seck, wife of our coordinator Moussa Ka, 1500 masks have been manufactured and distributed to date (270€ material). Borders closed, markets banned, fishing stops, no tourists and sudden rise in prices for the most basic products… so food aid was urgently needed. We can only help to a limited extent. About 15 families, closely involved in the operation of our Group, received (and receive) a monthly food package and for the three villages in the Louga area we ensure that a small rice stock is maintained (9467€).
Apart from food aid, we have only been able to purchase requested plantings for Keur Ardo (200€).
Mme Fatou Bintou is the driving force at the medical post in Ndiouféne. Since her presence, everything runs smoothly and orderly and good maintenance is ensured. She said she would like to gain a little more professional knowledge. Special courses were organized in Louga, which we offered her (250€). The purchase of medicines for the case de santé (1975€) is now done directly in Louga, giving a better view of the most urgent needs. Given the current situation, we have also had to intervene for medicines and doctor’s fees in Saly (550€).
The effective purchase for the delivered material for the school year is 1250€. It was agreed with the supplier (FBI Mbour) to pay the 500€ disc in February 2021. (in 2020 this was 750€)
The pedagogical vegetable garden was on the education program of the School of Saly Carrefour for the school year 2021/22 and the budget (450€) was already planned in 2019. The works have been carried out and “courses” are given by Ibou Ndiaye and the maintenance is done by the school concerge.
Together with the construction of the garden, the existing well was put back into operation (230€). The revenues of the meter/peterschappen will be distributed this year on the basis of previous agreements with various schools (9855€)
In addition to a facebook page (Groep Baobab vzw), the V.Z.W. urgently needed a web page to raise awareness of its operation. The page was formatted in 4 languages (1050€) ( Operating costs of our coordinator amounted to 2530
Since 2014 we support Mamam Nene, single woman with eldest son out of work and two more school-age (fine pupils!). Monthly support and extras amounted to 750€
Promoting our activities and defending the projects and files in Belgium cost 1020€ to move and stay. Expenditure on domestic “inspection” visits and the various supply of relief goods amounted to 1450€.


Our projects remain small-scale and limited in space. The latter means that we adhere to the cooperation with the school of Saly Carrefour and the village communities of N’Dioufene., Bekaye Ardo and Ndjamadji. Once certain objectives have been achieved (for example, building up of Saly Carrefour), we can respond to existing questions, assuming them  from other communities.


The functioning of the non-profit organization is based on the needs as applied by the local partners, so the school principals and the village superiors. For 2020 we were asked to make a priority out of the further construction of direct water pipes and the installation of the necessary sanitary facilities, both for the Saly Carrefour school and for the Louga villages. Naturally, first and foremost, care will be taken to realize the annually recurring questions. The following amounts were planned in this regard:

SCHOOLMATERIAL FOR SALY CARREFOUR                       1.500 €

SCHOOLMATERIAL LOUGA VILLAGES                                 1.000 €

MEDICINE LOUGA VILLAGES                                                 2.000 €

SEEDING LOUGA VILLAGES                                                  1.000 €

TOTAL BUDGET                                              5.500

Water connections in the interior are a rather complex problem, primarily in view of the “complicated” contacts with the government and the company responsible for the installation of pipes and the like (Suez is now replacing SDE). In N’Dioufene, it is absolutely necessary to draw pipes to the medical aid post and to the school, and to Ndjamadji this applies to the school and to the vegetable garden.Bekaye Ardo has no water point in the village.

PLANNED TOTAL BUDGET                                                      10.000 €

In the Saly Carrefour school, the sanitary consists of 2 “toilets”. There is a sanitary block with 6 separate toilets and a sink. The case de santé  of N’Dioufene has no toilet, worthy of the name and the same applies to the various schools

SANITARY SALY CARREFOUR                                                 7.000 € 

SANITARY CASE DE SANTÉ                                                     1.000 €

SANITARY SCHOOLS LOUGA VILLAGES                                3.000 € 

TOTAL BUDGET                                                11.000


The   operating costs in Senegal (coordinator and visits)   were planned on:

PLANNED BUDGET                                                                    4.500€

The V.Z.W. retains its support to the local family in Saly (with partial span,   settlement of the € 500 loan in 2019)

PLANNED BUDGET                                                                    1.000€

In consultation with the three village rulers, it was decided to investigate to what extent something could be done  to combat soil segregation and desertification and to work towards a system of greening, natural regeneration, as is used for example in Niger. A study budget was provided for this.

STUDY REGENERATION                                                             500 €


TOTAL AMOUNT FOR THE SCHEDULED WORK :                   32.500 €.

All our expenses are based on price quotes, submitted invoices or expense reports. The amount to be paid for the family in Saly is determined by the board of the V.Z.W.



The main pillars for the acquisition of income remain: individual deposits, activities of the various departments and subsidies. Planned activities and discussions with service clubs and institutions already give us a first picture of the expected income.

INDIVIDUAL DEPOSITS                                                               7.000 €

DEPARTMENTS                                                                           10.000 €

SUBSIDY ETC.                                                                             10.000 €

BALANCE 2019                                                                             6.050 €  

TOTAL OF INCOMING FUNDS:                                                   33.050 €


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